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Why Your Site Must Be Mobile Ready 08 Mar 2017

Why Your Site Must Be Mobile Ready

In order for your dermatology practice to have a successful online presence, it has now become vital for your website to have a mobile version and be compatible for all devices. Not only is this better for your customer experience, but it is now very important for your rankings in search engines now too. Mobile devices are more popular than ever and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Convert Your Visitors

A Mobile or mobile responsive website, will allow you to convert your visitors at a higher rate. A visitor to your website on a mobile device often means they are further along in the buying process than a visitor on a desktop. Often, mobile visitors are ready to call for an appointment whereas a desktop visitor is more likely to be researching their options. If your site only has a desktop version, mobile visitors may become frustrated and move on to find a different dermatologist.

Higher Search Rankings

Now, more web searches are conducted on a mobile device than on a computer. Because of this, Google now considers whether or not a business has a mobile site as a factor when determining ranking. If you don’t have a mobile site, Google will significantly penalize your business’ site. Naturally, much of your web visitors will come from search engines. Now that mobile sites are considered as a factor, it is imperative that your business optimizes your experience to make mobile browsing easier.

It’s Better Customer Service

Knowing that more and more, customers are turning to their smartphones to do pretty much everything, having a mobile site is simply good customer service. Without a mobile site, your business may even come across as out of touch or behind the times. The last thing you want to do is start alienating potential customers of your dermatology practice simply because of your website. When a customer does a Google search on their phone and finds your practice, you want to make it easy for them to learn more about your practice and show them the excellent care you offer. Only having a desktop site is not the way to do that.

With mobile sites affecting Google rankings and more and more customers using mobile devices, making sure you have a mobile site is now a necessity. Make sure you are providing a great experience for your customers by having a website that is optimized to look great on mobile devices.