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Why Your Dermatology Practice Should Avoid Cheap Website Design 03 Sep 2017

Why Your Dermatology Practice Should Avoid Cheap Website Design

Your website is one of the first things people will look at to learn more about your practice, so why not make it the best it can be?

You never want someone to look at your website and think “this looks cheap.”

You want to leave a great lasting impression. This means that putting some extra time and money into your website is a small price to pay for the great user experience and growth in your customer base.

Read on below to learn more about why your practice should avoid cheap website design.

1. Cheap Website Design Doesn’t Make You Look, Professional

You want your practice to be known for its great doctors, staff, services, and patients.

In order to show this on your dermatology practice’s website, it must look professional. This will help people to trust that you provide quality care and services.

A cheap website could drastically alter this image, and cause visitors to think twice about the kind of care you offer to patients.

If someone visiting your website immediately thinks it looks unprofessional, they’re not likely to linger on it for too long. This means that your website will fall in the search engine rankings.

It might seem unfair to think that people make judgments based on a website’s appearance, but it’s the reality of the digital world we live in.

Your website is a visual representation of you and your practice to people. It needs to be in top shape, simple to navigate and provide a clear message to those who visit it.

Your website should always reflect your practice and your brand in a positive way. Its design of it is an important part of this.

2. Cheap Website Designers Won’t Help You the Way Other Website Providers Do

Budget is an important factor when it comes to designing a website. However, having the assistance of flexible professionals who will help you customize your website to your liking is priceless.

You want to work with website companies and hire developers or freelancers who value you, your time, and your business.

Developing a website takes a lot of time and work. So, it’s crucial to plan with developers to make sure your website meets your design vision and marketing needs.

Your website will also most likely need tweaking while it is being developed. This means you need to make sure it’s visually appealing, has a great user experience, and clearly conveys your practice’s message. It isn’t a “one time only” job — it requires constant maintenance.

A cheap website provider will likely not give you the attentive and collaborative service you’re looking for when it comes to working through these issues.

Cheap website providers will leave you with unsatisfied results. They’ll also leave you wishing you had paid the extra money for someone more professional to help you.

3. Templates Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

The idea of design templates, especially ones that are free or cheap, can be very appealing.

Unfortunately, they can do more harm than good. A pre-packaged template denies you the ability to fully customize your website from the ground up. Using a template can also result in a generic, bland look that is noticeable to those who visit your website.

It is likely that many other websites will use the same or similar templates — possibly even your competitors.

Using a template puts your website at risk of looking like just another one in the crowd instead of standing apart.

Your practice is individual and unique, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to show this on your website.

4. Cheap Website Design Can Hurt Your SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is key to your website’s success.

It determines your ranking in search engines such as Google. In short, it’s what allows users to locate your website easily. This is done through the use of keywords, which is why creating quality content for your website is so important.

But did you know that web design also plays a big part in SEO?

Cheap web design and the use of pre-made templates can actually hurt your website’s SEO. This is especially true depending on its HTML and the quality of its coding.

Poor coding that can be found in many templates can cause lower SEO rankings. Plus, the templates themselves are not designed to help you pull in a large audience in the first place.

The takeaway: the way your website is designed, the features it contains, and the content you create for it all work together to contribute to your website’s SEO ranking.

Why do anything to hurt your SEO when it has such a large role in your website’s visibility?

SEO is just one other thing that justifies paying for a well-designed website over a cheap and easy one.

5. You’ll Probably Have to Redo It

If you opt for cheap website design, the truth is that you’ll probably end up having to redo it anyway once you realize it is not effective.

You might not like the way the website looks or functions.

You might think it’s just plain bad.

Or you will probably feel at some point that it is not an accurate representation of your practice. You may even think it looks cheap –which is hard to admit, but worse to ignore.

Redoing your website means you’ll end up paying more when you could’ve just paid a higher upfront price for a better website.

If this happens, it is a lesson learned for next time. However, the important thing is having the best website up and running for your practice as possible.

Website Design: A Worthy Investment

There are certain mistakes to avoid when creating a website, and cheap website design is one of them.

You want your practice’s website to look professional, leave an impact on visitors, and feel authentic.

Avoiding generic templates. Opt instead for customization and professional designers to help you. This will result in a better website that leaves you and your patients satisfied.

Are you in need of a website consultation for your practice? Let us know how we can help you today.