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02 May 2017

Why Dermatologists Need to Prioritize Every Customer Review

The most successful dermatologists have established a solid practice with a strong reputation.

But how do you create a good reputation if you have a new dermatology business or if you are in the process of building your dermatology practice?

Establishing a solid reputation for our dermatology business depends on a number of variables, including customer relations, quality of services, and the products used to perform these services.

But the most influential element by far that affects your business reputation is the customer experience.

In the field of dermatology, patients convey either satisfaction or dissatisfaction by writing positive testimonials and customer reviews on your company website and on customer review sites.

In effect, patients ‘spread the word’ digitally and send referrals for a job well done.

One can’t deny, there’s no substitute for positive word-of-mouth advertising to increase business success. Many prospective patients read reviews before they pick up the phone to call your office.

A satisfied patient is the best marketing tool to grow your business. In the same way, a dissatisfied customer can damage your business reputation.

That’s why it’s essential to prioritize every customer review.

Does this mean you need to search every customer review site on the internet?

While you might think this is nearly impossible, there are steps you can take to prioritize ever customer review.

Follow these smart tips so you can make the customer review work best for your dermatology business.

How to Make Every Customer Review a Priority

1. Ask for Customer Reviews

Smart business owners know the value of requesting a customer review from their patients.

Whether you have a handful of patients or a regular following,  you can ask your patients for feedback.

This customer feedback helps business owners discover what their strengths are in the mind of the customer, but more importantly, it alerts business owners to the areas they need to contemplate to improve their business practices.

Customer reviews offer you a unique perspective from the point of view of the patient. While they might not always be 100% true, these perspectives are valid in the eyes of the customer.

The customer review will often help you learn what areas need to be addressed in your business.

For example, if one of your employees is providing anything less than ideal customer service when you are out of the office or in the examining room consulting with a patient, you will want to know.

This way, you can investigate and make any necessary changes.

2. Replying to Customer Reviews Helps Your Business

Responding to a customer review–even a positive one– provides dermatology professionals the opportunity to build relationships with patients.

Taking the initiative to say thank you to a patient who took the time to write a positive testimonial or customer review is always appreciated.

Likewise, if one of your patients expressed a point of dissatisfaction on the customer review section on your website, this provides an opportunity to discuss your patient’s concern.

It’s a chance to participate in a dialogue with your patient, talk about the issue and hopefully resolve it.

When you have that conversation, you can acknowledge the customer’s pain point and most of the time, offer a mutually agreeable solution for both parties.

3. Addressing the Negative Customer Review Can Resolve Differences

When a patient writes a negative review on your website or on another review platform, you can address the negative issues that your patient expressed before it festers.

It’s often something you might not be aware of.

Offering an apology for the customer’s bad experience and opening the door to resolving the issue provides a chance to rectify the negative situation.

Often negative experiences are caused by misunderstandings, miscommunications, and clerical errors.

Ignoring the customer review can only make it worse. Face the issue and you can not only avoid a negative repercussion but win back your customer.

4. The Customer Review is the Engine That Drives Your Business Model

Reading customer reviews on your website and on review sites inform you of what is important to your patients collectively.

Perhaps you get rave reviews for “keeping a clean office that offers a warm, personal decor.” Or your patients “love the attitude of your front desk receptionist.”

This information can provide you tips for enhancement or training for your business in the future.

5. Join Industry Review Sites

A good way to expand your target audience reach is to become a member of an industry website that displays a section for customer reviews.

Joining medical industry review websites such as Health Grades enables dermatologists and other medical professionals to grow their prospect base and receive professional referrals.

By creating a profile for your business, consumers searching for your area of expertise in your local neighborhood can find your dermatology business.

These large referral websites are a great place to find customers and also to send patients to write testimonials.

6. Make a Great First Impression with Online Reputation Monitoring Tools and Services

The internet has a wide variety of tools where you can monitor your social influence. These tools have a variety of functions and purposes.

One tool is Google Alerts. Google Alerts works by keywords. Insert specific keywords such as your business name and the tool will email you every time your name is mentioned online.

It might be a lot of material to read through, but if you have the time, it can be helpful to alert you when your business in mentioned in the news or online.

The downside of these types of tools is that they can be time-consuming and you have to do the legwork yourself.

If you are a busy dermatologist you might not have the time or interest to sift through the research and assess each situation.

In this case, you can hire an online reputation management service. In this instance, a company will monitor and track your online reviews and create reports for you.

Some of these companies can also contact your customers to attempt to resolve the disputes.

Now you have some great tips for prioritizing every customer review to make them work for your business.

We have helped many practices and doctors increase their online reviews such as Dr. Malhberg a Dermatologist in Denver and Longmont CO. Also Dr. Joseph Lillis a dermatologist in Fort Collins.

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