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Which Web Development and Design Is Right for Your Business? 30 Mar 2017

Which Web Development and Design Is Right for Your Business?

Are you puzzled about choosing the right web development or web design company for your dermatology business?

Many dermatologists are.

Your dermatology website is one of the most important marketing and sales tools in your arsenal for your business.

It’s how potential customers find you, learn about your services, decide if they want to connect with you, and schedule consultations for your dermatology services.

In a few words, your website, if done well, should motivate your target audience to want to become your patient.

While an attractive web design looks good, good looks is a small fraction of the big marketing picture when choosing a web development company.

Here’s what you need to ask and know when deciding if a web development and design company is the right company for your dermatology business.

1. Is a Web Designer Enough?

Finding the right web development or web design team for your practice goes beyond attractive web design. There are many factors involved that will give your company the online presence you need to attract to your website visitors and generate leads.

Your dermatology website will require programmers, web designers, search engine optimization experts (SEO), content marketers and digital marketing specialists.

After the programmer and web designer builds your site, or even during the build, it’s important that your site is optimized for SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO enables your target market to find you online when they search for dermatologists in your local area.

SEO experts put all the right information such as keywords in the right places, so your site can be indexed on Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as other search engines.

An SEO expert will also ensure tags with text accompany your photos and videos because pictures and videos cannot be indexed without keywords. The search bots can’t find them without text.

Your site also needs a content writer or copywriter to write compelling messaging such as titles and descriptions.

Content writers and copywriters use the influence of words and messaging to entice web searchers to click the link in the search results that leads to your website.

Many web development and design companies work with content writers and copywriters, and they also have an in-house SEO team.

Digital marketers are other key people to help your website attract visitors build leads and convert leads into revenue.

They create advertisements and help with content marketing and social media marketing.

Although some of these specialists work outside a company, it’s better if most of them work in-house.

2. Should you base your decision on pricing alone?

Everyone likes to get the best deal, but the lowest price isn’t always the best. Ask to see some portfolio work of other clients. If you like their websites it’s usually a good sign.

On the other hand, there are companies who charge less and offer a lower quality. That cliché “you get what you pay for” is repeated over and over for a reason.

Also, make sure you know what services are included in the price.

Not all web development and design companies feature all the services you need. Similar to an insurance company, know what’s included in your web design service policy, or it can end up costing you more to hire outside experts in the long run.

Have the company write up an agreement detailing what services are included in the price of your website development.

3. Does the design company create user-friendly websites?

While this should be a given, it’s always good to check. First, look at the company website. Then review their client website samples. Is the navigation system easy to follow? Can you find things easily on the sites, or are they confusing to navigate?

How fast do pages load?

The loading time shouldn’t take any more than three seconds to load a page. Two to three seconds is the norm for page loading. If a visitor has to wait any longer, they’re on to the next website.

Google and other search engines use ease of navigation and page loading time as factors when considering where to rank websites on search pages.

4. How does the company address your marketing design problems?

When you speak with a website development or design company, what suggestions do they have for your unique target markets?

If you have different prospects, for example, cosmetic services, medical services or tattoo removal, how can the web team develop a solution to differentiate each into the design plan? How will they organize the hierarchy of your website, menus, and navigation?

5. Will your website be mobile-focused?

Most people have mobile devices.

Many people search for products, services, and information from a mobile platform.

For this reason, your dermatology website should be built with a responsive design template or structure.

This will enable your website to function well whether it’s viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

One way to find this out is to review the client portfolio pages from your cell phone and then from a tablet or laptop.

6. How good is the website development company at marketing?

In order to build a website marketing strategy, a marketing brief is necessary.

This document details specific information about your company goals, website goals, objectives, target audiences and marketing strategy. These will also dictate the look and feel of your website.

7. The Proof: How does the web design company measure results?

Digital analytics is essential for a website that generates revenue and ROI. Ask if they can show you analytics of past clients’ websites.

Case studies are another great way of showing client results. These are in the format of problem/action/solution.

They’ll describe the client’s marketing problem, discuss the action the web development company took and provide a measurable solution, such as the company website increased traffic by 50%. This data can also be tracked in performance analytics.

8. Does the website development company perform updates?

After your website is built, you need to be able to update content and news on a frequent basis. This also helps Google search rankings.

Will your web design company make the updates for you? If they do, how long is the turnaround time or timeframe in which they will respond?

The timeframe should be around 24-72 hours at most, especially where news and events are concerned.

If someone at your team can make the updates, you’ll need to know what content management system is used.

Some teams can manage content easily on a system like WordPress. If the website will be built on HTML5 or another complex language, a person with HTML coding knowledge is needed.

Last but not least: has the web development or website design company created websites in your industry?

It could be beneficial if your web development team knows the dermatology industry, but this isn’t always simple to find.

Closing words on choosing a web development and design company

There you have it, some essential questions to ask when choosing the right web development company for your business.

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