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The Best SEO Tips for Dermatology Service Providers 10 Sep 2017

The Best SEO Tips for Dermatology Service Providers

When you were in college or medical school, you probably didn’t think you would have to dabble in digital marketing, did you?

Making websites can be a fun hobby, but it can also be a frustrating task for those who are more concerned with helping people maintain healthy skin. However, you are making a website because you want more patients.

We have the answers. So keep calm and keep reading for the best dermatology SEO tips to help with your business.

Local SEO is the Best SEO

Unless you’re a world renowned surgeon, chances are pretty good the bulk of your clientele is coming from within an hour’s drive of your facility.

This, in many ways, is a good thing. You can focus on local SEO, and it’s going to be the best SEO practice for your business.

While some of these practices may seem like common sense, each one of them is a piece to the puzzle.

Your Information

  • The name of your business
  • Names of the doctors on staff
  • Physical address and phone number
  • Your website

This information needs to be on your site and in multiple locations. The main purpose here is for search engine crawlers to know when someone searches for “Dermatologists in Gilbert, AZ” and you’re a dermatologist in Gilbert, your information pops up in the SERPs.

If your information is not present, you can’t expect Google, Bing, or anyone searching the web to know where your business is located.

Title and Meta Description

When you search for something online, the SERPs hand you a little blurb, don’t they? It’s just a little tidbit of what you’ll get when you click on the link.

Every word matters. When you fill out the title and description for your page, be precise. Know who your customer is and what they want.

Include keywords. Pack as much relevant information as you can into these informational boxes.


This goes for online and offline. For offline resources, including your website. Online, take advantage of Google My Business. It’s FREE.

In the world of best SEO options, you aren’t going to hear the word “free” very often.

Mobile or Bust

You would probably be surprised at how many people are at a stoplight or in a traffic jam and use the internet. Ok. Probably not that surprised.

We’re all guilty.

Forgot to make a dermatology appointment for your kid? Chances are solid you’ll be looking up a doctor on your phone during your lunch break.

The point of this is that your website needs to be optimized for mobile. The best SEO pros in the world know it and now, so do you.

How to Avoid Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

WordPress powers nearly a third of the websites on the internet, so we’re going to assume you’ve gone that route or at least a similar builder.

To guarantee mobile responsiveness, you want a premium theme, and you want to purchase from a reputable source that isn’t just blowing smoke.

People lie on the internet. Do your research and find out what other customers have to say about particular themes and their mobile responsiveness.

An unresponsive theme will look hideous on a mobile device and will cost you potential clients.


One of the best SEO tips you will ever hear is to blog and blog some more. Do you realize exactly what a blog is?

It is a hub of information. It is where you hold every possible relevant piece of content that you create. What you do with it is up to you. Maximizing its efficiency can be the difference between success and failure.

Social Media

With all of this content, how do you get it “out there.” This is where social sites come into play.

Know your customer base. While they may use Pinterest, they aren’t going to be looking for a dermatologist while they’re using it. So where do we catch them?

Facebook and Twitter are great places to share your content. If it’s as good as you think it is, it can be shared and retweeted. This will draw more traffic to your site, which makes search engines happy.

Best of all, social sites are completely free resources.

Internal Links

This is the hands down the most underrated part of on page SEO. Why?

No one is going to come to your site because of your static content. People are way more likely to show up because of a blog post that caught their eye.

Maybe a friend shared an article from your Facebook page. Maybe a particular post has had enough hits to show up on the first page of the SERPs (Go you!).

They come from these other sources to your hub. Now it’s your job to kick them out to viable information that really matters for your business.

You look at your static information as the creme de la creme of your business website, but to the average person, this static info might be boring.

Change that. These internal links from your blog posts will take these people who have found your hub and send them to viable products and services pages. This is where the magic happens with SEO.

For too long, internal links have been downplayed by SEO pros, and today we’re telling you the truth.

But Wait…We Aren’t Done

Have we more to say about internal links? Yes. We do.

This is yet another underutilized pro tip. When you create links in a blog post, you have the option to have the link open in a new tab or to stay in the same tab. By default, WordPress is set up to open in the same tab.

Why does this matter?

We’re glad you asked.

Opening in the same tab, provided we’re using an internal link, will increase the “time on page” Google ranking for that session!

If you manually change it to a new tab for this link, it will create a brand new session. So while you’ll have two sessions open, one is going to be for longer than the other.

When it comes to external links, always make these open in a new tab so Google continues to record the time the reader is hanging out on your blog.

Wrapping it Up

Today’s post was full of some of the best SEO tips and juicy secrets that we know.

Increase your SEO awareness and practice what you learn to make your business website successful.

Is your head still spinning? Don’t worry; we know you’ve got a busy practice. After all, time is money. So leave this to the pros.

At Renegade Dermatology, we’re digital marketers who specialize in helping medical practitioners such as yourself create websites and content to boost your practice and bring in new clients. Contact us today.