Mobile Responsive

Been to your local cell phone provider recently? You don’t see any flip phones that’s for sure. Yes, smartphones are everywhere. As technology changes, it is important that your practice changes with it. If you’re still trying to market your business like it’s 2005, then you’ll surely be annoying your mobile visitors who are having trouble reading your website because it’s not optimized for mobile devices.

If you don’t have a site that is optimized for mobile, your business is being left behind. In fact, Google now looks at whether or not you have a mobile website to determine how to rank your site. This means if you don’t have a mobile site, it will hurt your search rankings. Of course, you should want to have a mobile site anyways because it is simply a better customer experience. Without a mobile site, many customers may get frustrated and decide to find a different practice altogether. Your website is often your first impression and without a mobile site, customers on smartphones and tablets can easily get turned off.

Another great advantage to having a mobile site is that web visitors on mobile devices are typically further along in the buying process. This means that people who are looking at your practice on their smartphones are typically more likely to buy! Without a mobile site, you are alienating the web visitors that are most likely to schedule an appointment with you.

If you aren’t providing your customers with a streamlined mobile web experience, you can bet they’ll find a different dermatologist with a website that is easier for them to read. If it’s time for your site to undergo an update, get in touch and we will help you make it happen.

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