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15 May 2017

How Client Reviews Make or Break Conversion

Are you a dermatologist looking for ways to improve your website’s traffic and increase business?

Client reviews are a great way to help you do both!

Before the days of the internet, a businesses reputation was often learned by word of mouth.

Today, consumers are speaking with friends and family but often doing more. They are learning more about a business online before they make purchasing decisions.

In fact, 81% of shoppers do at least some research online before they make their purchasing decision.

Let’s look at how client reviews can make or break conversion for you as a dermatologist and business owner!

Prospective Clients Care

One of the most important reasons client reviews matter is because prospective clients care about them.

Sixty-one percent of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision, according to Graham Charlton at Econsultancy.com.

This means that messages they are reading about your dermatology services are important.

If the reviews about your business speak are poor, you risk losing out on future clients who read them.

You also can’t afford NOT to have reviews on your website.

According to iPerceptions, as many as 63% of customers are “more likely to make a purchase” from a site with customer reviews.

So not only does having these reviews matter. It also is important to your prospective clients.

Better Understand Your Customers

When you have client reviews, you are able to better understand your client base.

As a business owner, your goal is to have all of your clients completely satisfied with the services you provide.

While this is what you are focused on, the reality is that there are always for your office to improve.

Some of your clients will feel more comfortable voicing praise or concerns in person than others.

For those that aren’t comfortable doing it in person, online reviews are a good alternative.

Your clients can provide valuable feedback to you across all aspects of your business.

A customer may be satisfied with most of the aspects of your service but they might have concerns about others.

For example, they may appreciate your individual attention to your needs. But they may have a complaint about your office’s scheduling practices.

When clients provide feedback to you, it’s worth paying attention to it. Whether it is in person or online!

It gives you valuable insight into how they feel and how they hope your business improves.

With this information, you can better tailor your business model to meet client needs.

You can also take advantage of client suggestions to improve on the services you provide.

In the end, you can deliver a better service that addresses their concerns and fits their needs.

Improving Conversions

Another way that client reviews will help your business is by improving conversions on your website.

Conversion rates on a website are the ratio of website visitors that “convert” into customers or take a desirable action on your website.

This can be anything from setting up an appointment for dermatology services to clicking through website and reading content.

According to Reevoo, having 50 or more reviews for a product (or service) can result in 4.6% more conversion rates.

This means that it’s not just a matter of having client reviews and their content. Having at least a handful of them counts too.

But how can you increase the number of client reviews you have for your services?

One way is to send your client an email after their appointment requesting they leave a review.

But one important thing to remember is to keep this message brief.

Thank your client for choosing your service. Ask them to provide a review to help your business better serve their needs.

It’s also important to monitor these responses and react to what they say.

After all, a client’s message to you about how to improve can have an even bigger impact on your business if it falls on deaf ears!

Benefits Your Website SEO

Client reviews benefit your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a process by which your client seeks to maximize it’s positioning in organic search engine results.

This is how your business is found within your industry when people search for a particular service you offer.

But how do client reviews help your website’s SEO?

One way they do this is by giving your website new content for search engines to find.

Search engine spiders scan web pages and feed these to search engines. These spiders look at content that is updated regularly.

By having reviews from your clients, you are helping to increase your website’s SEO.

This is one way you can help to improve your SEO. This makes your website easier to find online through search engines.

Client Reviews Matter

The bottom line is that these reviews about your practice matter to your clients and prospective clients.

They should also matter to you, too!

By allowing your clients to review your services you are giving yourself a valuable look into their feelings.

You can learn what they like most about your practice and ways to improve your services.

This helps you to offer a better experience for your clients and can help you keep their business.

By reacting to their concerns, you are also helping your businesses reputation. You are also increasing the chance that they will recommend you to a family member or friend.

Besides the reputation aspect of it, these reviews can also help you to improve your website’s SEO for search results.

When you improve SEO, you are increasing your website’s ranking in search result. This can be the difference between earning someone’s business or never being found.

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