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20 Jul 2017

Affordable SEO Strategies Every Dermatology Practice Should Adapt in 2017

With over 8,000 dermatologists in the United States alone, you need to do whatever you can to set your office apart from the competition.

You know your services, staff, and doctors are incredible – but how can you effectively communicate that to your target market?

Your website, blog, and social media content are the things that will bring more eyes to your page. But how do you optimize that content so that it’s really working for you?

And most importantly, how do you do it without going over your budget?

In this post, we’re telling you everything you need to know about the most effective affordable SEO strategies you can start implementing today.

1. Do Your Keyword Research

Keywords are an enormously important part of SEO. They are the words and phrases that your potential customers type into search engines when they’re looking for a dermatologist.

Including a (reasonable) number of keywords in your website’s content will help to get those people on your website – because it says to these search engines that your site has exactly what the searcher is looking for.

Doing (at least part of) your keyword research yourself is part of an affordable SEO strategy. 

To find out what the keywords are for both dermatology in general and dermatology in your specific location, you can use free keyword tools like this one.

Once you know your keywords, you can put them in your content, your social media posts, even in your headers and website addresses! To that end…

2. Blog More Often

Did you know that companies that regularly blog have an astounding 434% more indexed pages? The more indexed pages you have, the more hits you’ll get and the higher you’ll rise in the search engine rankings!


Blogging often is a great, affordable SEO tactic that will have a serious impact on your office for the better.

Plus, your blog can also help to establish your dermatology office as a leader in your industry – and certainly as the best option in your city or town. Remember that you’re not writing for your AP English course.

Keep content short, sweet, and broken up with lots of images!

Also, vary the type of content you post on your blog. For example, many potential patients might find it helpful to take a quiz about which facial will work best for their skin type. They might also like to read a review of popular skincare products.

If you’re struggling to come up with topics, it’s a great idea to create a posting calendar to keep you accountable. Try to take even just 10 minutes every week to speak with your team about potential topics.

You can also hire a professional blogger for a reasonable fee – think of it as an investment in your practice.

3. Embed Links In Your Content

Another effective and affordable SEO strategy? Put both internal and external links into your content!

This process is known as link building, and it’s just one more thing you can do to help your website rise in the search engine rankings.

A few things about links.

First of all, make sure that any link you include in your content – whether it’s going to your site or to someone else’s – is relevant to whatever you’re currently writing about.

So, if you’re doing a post about the latest fads in Korean skincare, it would be a great idea to link to your page of Korean products, or to an external beauty article about Korean anti-aging tips.

It would not be a great idea to link to a page that dealt with, let’s say, an upcoming car show in your area, or anything else that’s totally irrelevant.

Putting random links to your content (and trust us, we’ve seen it happen way more times than we can count) doesn’t just make you look unprofessional. It also impacts where you fall in the rankings.

If Google notices you’re basically just “cheating” on your links, you’re going to fall behind.

Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with asking other websites or blogs to link to your content! In fact, it’s pretty much standard practice. If there’s a relevant blog or website that you love to read, chances are your website visitors will be interested in it, too.

Talk to them about doing a link trade to get your site seen by even more people!

4. Get Active On Social Media

This is the big one.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that social media is one of the most popular – and most effective – ways to get new clients.

But Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more can also be a part of your affordable SEO strategy.


Because your postings on social media will drive more traffic to your website, and get you more appointments, long-term clients, and sales.

Your presence on social media can also affect where you fall in the search engine rankings, so it’s always a good idea to add a few keywords into the content you share there.

Also, the frequency with which you update your social media accounts can also help to get you more hits.

We suggest starting by posting at least three times every day. Once in the morning, when people are on their commutes, once at noon, when they’re on lunch breaks, and one after 5:00 in the evenings, when people are scrolling through their feeds.

Again, like in your blogs, vary the content you post on social media. While these platforms are perfect for posting pictures and short videos, you can also link back to internal pages of your website.

You can even poll your followers to get an idea of the products and services they’re the most interested in!

Put These Affordable SEO Strategies Into Practice Today!

Thanks to this post, you now know what you need to do to get your website on the first page of search engine results.

However, sometimes trying it alone just isn’t helpful. Don’t panic – there are SEO solutions for every budget!

If this time, it’s your website that’s in need of a facelift, get in touch with us to get things back on track!